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work update

I actually have been working on the new comic. Not as fast as I would like, but there's been a lot going on, like cleaning up after some truly horrific storms (no serious harm done; we were much luckier than some of our neighbors), making a delightfully amusing purchase with some of the money I was hoping to put toward a HD TV setup-- that would be a delightfully amusing head gasket for the Buick (sucks to be Junior!)-- and generally trying to get the studio shoveled our enough that I have room to work. Oh well, we have no basement to flood, and I've been watching low def TV for many many years with no harm done. And the studio will always be a hellhole no matter what I do.

I now have a final page count, 28, and a final title, JUNKYARD DOGS. I've made final choices on the page size; JD will be drawn big, 10 x 16 image area on an 11 x17 sheet, which will allow for a 50% reduction onto a 6 x 9 finished page. This is the same reduction I've been using for years on my 1/4 page minis, and I really like the way my art looks taken all the way down. Plus its the only way to get the lettering small enough-- I'm too old to squint over a tiny little pen.

The cover design is finished; it will have a Golden Age flavor and be based on a Curt Swann cover from 1955. The new KEKIONGA title block looks great and has a similar feel. I hope this block will become a permanent feature of the series. All that remains of the planning stage is to figure out what goes on the four extra pages that will bring the package's total page count to 32. I'd like at least one to be an image, but the rest will be made up of indicia/credits/thank yous/story so far/notes/whatever.

Next-- drawing the cover and title page.

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