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cars in Chicago

Before we move on to working on the new comic-- and work has actually begun-- there are some car spotting reports to make.

Gibson's: Mr. Shark's and my favorite restaurant is Gibson's Steakhouse. The reasons are many: super steaks, prime rib, veal chops and other delights of the carnivorous, plus great desserts (giant carrot cake!!) sourdough bread, mojitos with fresh fresh mint, great waitstaff and bartenders, actual live person playing the piano in the bar, etc. etc. etc.

But let's not forget the valet parking. Not that we ever let a valet touch any of the Shark family travel cars, all of which are more or less beaters and not worth the added expense. But Gibson's, unlike most fancy pants restaurants puts the valet lot right outside the front door. Nothing goes better after a large meal and several drinks than a walk around a very expensive valet parking lot. (Cigars and cigarettes are optional, but much enjoyed.) This particular lot usually provides a pretty thorough survey of the latest product lines of Mercedes Benz and Porsche, along with a a few custom Cadillacs, and a smattering of fine Italian, and English iron. Most visits yield at least one prime sighting, and this year was no exception.

Howzabout an ... Aston Martin?? Brand new DB9 Volante convertible,with a manual tranny.

All Aston Martins are terminally cool by definition, but for me this beauty is the quintessential big luxury sports car. And you can take your 911 and ... well, I'd have the Aston any time.

This example was particularly handsome in a devastating color scheme of slate blue metallic over acres of snow white English leather. No silver cars!!! And there's always something deliciously decadent about a light colored leather interior-- who has the time to keep it clean?-- and leather in pure snow white is just a thumb at the nose to anything resembling common sense.

9 points for being a very fine British sports car, plus one for the color scheme for a total of 10 points for the Volante.

Howler: And no trip on Chicago's massively overcrowded freeways is complete without somebody driving something incredible in a totally insane manner. We heard this guy before we saw him, Mr. Shark lifting his head and saying "V twelve", with just enough time to get the words out before he had overtaken us, passed us, and disapeared into traffic, high pitched Italian howl in his way. The highly detailed wedge shape was unmistakably Lamborghini, a great big black Lamborghini, almost certainly a Murcielago.

9 points for any Murcielago-- rare, delicate, and totally nasty, plus a point for making beautiful noises, for a total of ten points for the black bull.

Toll Plaza Beauty: Finally, three cheers for the Ferrari F30 Spider next to us at the toll plaza-- you had your top down, and mineral grey over red leather is a great look on a Ferrari.

Next time:
Comics process begins.

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