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New Comics, and a userpic

Hi everybody!
"Hi, Sharkipede!"

Sorry for taking a month off, but it was the blog or the comics, and I think in the long run you would rather have the comics. Or at least posterity would.

If there is a posterity.

The aforementioned month was the month before Wizard World Chicago, and I had not one but two new comics ready for the show. One has a title almost too long to fit on the cover of a mini: "Professor Gideon Lykander's Hand Picked Selection of Really Rather Bad Werewolf Jokes"-- it's a twelve page mini of werewolf jokes featuring Gideon/The Moondog with Soup and Iowa as his straight man and comic foil respectively. Jokes may not be all that funny, but the drawings are a lot of fun. The second is the latest installment of the Dream series, "The Dream of the Moondog"-- sixteen pages of werewolf hijinks with a heraldry theme, of all things. I think it came out rather well, and there are several of the "naked werewolf" appearances that seem to be universally popular.

Also debuting at the show was the new box set, the Kekionga Werewolf Box, featuring six Gideon/Moondog comics, including the two new ones, under a color cover.

Anyone who is interested in ordering any of this stuff should please email the sharkipede at for all the crucial details.

The important thing is it is done. The next item on the agenda is Kekionga #2, "Junkyard Dogs", and I'm going to try to keep the blog more involved in this one, perhaps by posting occasional updates and philosophical comments on how the work is going.

Would anyone be interested in that kind of thing?

Finally, you will notice that I have finally gotten a userpic. It's a fruit crate label and the dog is probably Rin Tin Tin, which is how the Moondog thinks of himself. I like this pic a lot, but I'd like to have more-- if anybody knows of any great archives with this kind of image, or any other interesting icon sources, please let me know.

Next time: Car sightings in Chicago.

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