sharkipede (sharkipede) wrote,

Needed: new dog food storage system

Never get a smart dog.
Now, all corgis are smart, but our Toby Comet has always been particularly brainy. We are lucky that he also has the attention span of a housefly, so he's unable to plan any sustained campaigns to outwit us. But even so, he's the only corg we've ever had who's learned to let himself out of his crate, and more recently he's made substantial progress in figuring out the dog food storage buckets.

For more than sixteen years, since the late great big grey dog Scooter was a baby puppy, we have kept our dog food in a five gallon plastic bucket with a snap on lid, and it worked perfectly. Some months ago, Toby learned to unsnap the lid. So then we used a five gallon plastic bucket with a snap on lid topped with a heavy weight. This worked well as long as we remembered to put the weight on. All right, as long as I remembered to put the weight on.

A half hour ago, he discovered that a good hard shove will not only dislodge the weight, but knock down the entire bucket, pop the lid, and spill dog food ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR. I heard it happen, so no serious harm done. Toby managed to wolf down enough in the time it took me to figure out what the noise was to make himself quite ill. Chester, who I do not suspect of being the mastermind, was still caught in the act of eating his share of the ill gotten gains, but he is a more moderate eater and I don't think he got more than an extra meal out of it.

The food is in a replacement bucket, with a replacement lid, up out of the reach of a short dog on the kitchen counter, and I daresay I'll find an alternative storage system, preferably one made of prestressed steel and featuring a combination lock. A small bank vault would probably do the trick.

If a certain pair of brindle Cardigan corgis think they are getting their usual breakfast in the morning, they are in for a rude awakening.

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