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Fourth of July aftermath

I will try to lift myself out of the pit of depression I fell into when I was not able to buy the buffalo shoes. My size was sold out. That's what I get for sleeping on it before deciding. Next time I will pounce without thinking. Harborchick had it right in her comment!

On the positive side, we have gotten through at least part of the Fourth of July horrors with minimum damage. In a way it's good it's been so hot-- our old war horse of an air conditioner makes quite a racket and if we also leave the TV on, our neurotic elder corgi Chester seems to be coping fairly well without meds. I wonder if he is losing some of his hearing ... Anyway, combine all those factors with a middle of the week Fourth and it hasn't been quite as awful as it could be. I expect this weekend will bring the last of the bad days.

Please, everyone. Don't blow off fireworks. It's expensive, dangerous and terrifying to many creatures, including some people, who are sensitive to sudden loud noises. If you can't resist, try to limit it to the Fourth itself, and maybe a weekend on either side. I'd like to be able to walk my dogs again next week!

In the interest of encouraging people to enjoy fireworks in a quiet way, here is my occasional list of Cool Names for Stuff taken from a fireworks catalog I got in the mail last week. Some would be good names for bands, others would make good story titles, names for characters in science fiction stories, menu items in trendy restaurants, or names for the kind of pets (fish, spiders, newts) that can't be expected to come when you call.

Dominator Cake
Spider Egg Smoke Ball (you could name a cat or dog this, with Spider or Smokey as a call name)
Salute Cracker
Crackling Chrysanthemum
Rip the Sky
Loud Cloud
Ring Thing
Titanium Tail
Three Minute Smoke
Atom Smasher Cake
Crackle Storm Fountain

I've had better lists other years, but there are some good ones here, and all of them are quiet and won't blow your fingers off.

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