sharkipede (sharkipede) wrote,

Buffalo shoes, and wolves, and dogs

Buffalo shoes, won't you come out tonight: I'm thinkin' about buyin' me some buffalo shoes. Buffalo saddle shoes, that is-- full welt men's oxfords made of bison hide, with the body of the shoe a dark, dark cordovan, almost purplish, and the saddle and backstrap cognac brown and heavily tooled. Soles are black. I love shoes, especially men's saddle shoes-- my dress shoes are black and white saddles with red soles from Amazonas of Brazil. I need these shoes.

And they are $100 off!

Of course all my current dress clothes are black and dark grey, so I can wear the black and whites with them. Do you see a light grey suit in my future? I will need a good brown hat as well. What fun. I could also wear my buffalo shoes with khakis. This would be cheaper.

Almost talked myself into them buffalo shoes.

Wolves and dogs: I'm putting the Moondog on the cover of another comic, and once again I am struggling to balance his appearance. He is a wolf pretending to be a dog. How much of a dog, of any dog, is acting? How much of them is still a wolf, inside? It's all in the shape of the face, the size and placement of the ears.

He will look a little goofy when I am finished drawing him, just like he always does.

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