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Spacepod and other sightings

One of the best things about being interested in cars is that The Car Game (identify each car you see and give one interesting fact about it) is a great way to amuse yourself in certain very boring situations. If you have to wait somewhere, a view of a busy street can be a godsend, and as for being stuck in heavy traffic, well, it's an automatic win. (If you are with other people, play quietly. Very few other people are interested in just how many Acura TLs you've seen today.)

This was proven on Sunday when I attempted to go with a party to Ravinia to see a concert. The car, a year old or so Honda Accord, the passengers, five (two of my pals who happen to be sisters, husband of one, boyfriend of the other, and the Sharkipede). Anyone familiar with the Accord knows that this means three people are sitting in the back seat. Going to Chicago. On a Sunday evening. In the summer. Uh oh.

We got stuck in traffic. Three or four distinct times. A drive that normally might take an hour and a half took almost four. We missed the concert.

But hey, it was fun. We are pretty good friends with a fair amount of common interests, so we had plenty to talk about, and we have similar tastes in music, so we were able to amuse ourselves that way. The AC did not go out. Nobody lost his or her temper (much), and we had a really excellent dinner at a sweet little Chinese restaurant called Jade. The best Mongolian beef ever, and I've eaten an awful lot of Mongolian beef.

And we saw a lot of cool cars. Enough Porsches to fill a large basket, including several pretty Caymans-- I like that little gator car. (Also, the very interesting sight of four Cayennes parked in a row in a public parking lot-- grey, black, silver, grey. Lots of dough on the North Shore.) Two Ferraris. A Lamborghini. A complete set of current Mercedes, including what I'm pretty sure was the new C class, and some really fine S classes. The aforementioned TLs, at least a dozen on them. This is a car I think is very cool and they are thin on the ground around here.

There was one ten point sighting: a very handsome Ferrari F430 Spider parked on the street with its top down, positively inviting the Sharkipede and her car loving pals to put their grubby little hands all over it. We restrained ourselves but it was difficult. Color: rosso, of course. Interior pale yellow tan with red piping. Transmission: some kind of paddle shifting mutant manual. Engine: absolutely gorgeous under a nice little window behind the seats. It's a V-8. Body: by Pininfarina and just about the definition of what a modern Italian sportscar should be.
Nine points for being a good Ferrari in the proper color-- I also will accept fly yellow. And I know I'm crazy, but I actually like these smaller V-8 powered cars better than the 12 cylinder barn burners-- they seem more balanced to me. Plus an arbitrary extra point for still being hot and ticking.


Spacepod! We got a very good look at this semi customized New Beetle-as-UFO on the drive into town. Silver with a Spacepod vanity plate, spacy side logo, cool luggage rack, customized badging, and a silver front end bra that one of my friends said looked like the tinfoil hat UFO enthusiasts are supposed to be prone to wear, Spacepod is the coolest. It even has its own website advertised on a decal in the rear window. Go to
to find out all about Spacepod and follow its current adventure as it heads to Roswell NM for the New Beetle car show. It is on the road right now and there is a live webcam. Follow other links to tons more about the New Beetle, too. This combination blog and NB fansite is one of the best new things I've found on the internet for a while, and the Spacepod itself gets a whopping nine points, five for the basic New Beetle, plus two points for being a cool art car, and another two for the website and the general high level of automotive enthusiasm it represents.

If all silver cars were like Spacepod, I would have to change the name of the blog.

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