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Cool stuff in the neighborhood

I know, this was supposed to be more Columbus car spots, but it got trumped by a really great day of seeing cool stuff right in the old neighborhood.

TEXANS!: We have Texans! These wonderful old World War II era training aircraft are probably the most common "warbirds" kept and flown by private collectors, and it's not too unusual to see them in flight, especially around here where at least two of them are in residence at the local airport. This morning Mr. Shark and I were in the parking lot at Staples and were lucky enough to witness a flight of three practicing their formation flying.

One was in the standard polished aluminum, as commonly seen in Air Force service,

One was allover yellow, which was favored by the US Navy training facilities and by the RAF,

and one was painted in full fledged WWII era Navy combat colors of two shades of blue above and haze grey on the underside

The polished and the yellow ship are the locals, but I've never seen the one in Navy colors before. Perhaps he was a visitor, but I'm hoping the fame of our little local warbird establishment is growing, and this is a new resident. Our airport is also home to a Mustang, a Corsair, and a charming Stearman biplane.

High wheel bicycle: And it's not terribly unusual to see an old fashioned high wheel bicycle either, at least at parades and historical events. They are usually ridden by clowns and people in straw hats who otherwise resemble members of barbershop quartets. But I did not expect to see one being walked down the street by a young latino man in a tee shirt, shorts and Reeboks on a Thursday evening about four blocks from my house. I was even more suprised to see that his bike was not an antique, but a perfectly normal, modern bicycle with a tube frame and hand brakes.

I don't know if it was this exact model, but it sure looked like it:

Unfortunately, I can't tell you how cool he looked riding it, as he had had a blowout in his rear tire and was on his way home to make repairs. But it's an interesting bike, and I hope it, too, has come to live in the neighborhood.

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