sharkipede (sharkipede) wrote,

The many perils of cartooning in the modern world

I just spent the better part of an hour penciling a splash page for my new minicomic. A splash page featuring a large Asian takeout meal: chicken satays, vegetable lo mein, moo shu shrimp with pancakes, and all the splendors of a really large pupu platter, including crab rangoons, pot stickers, both spring and egg rolls, and shrimp toasts. And now I have a major problem.

I'm absolutely starving for Chinese food. Auugh.

As a side note, moo shu shrimp is really hard to draw. You sort of know what's in it, but how do you draw all the bits. I had to get on the Internet and Google it-- regular search for the recipe, and image for a couple of pics. Damn Google. In the days before the internet, I would have had to go to the China House and do some important research.

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