sharkipede (sharkipede) wrote,

The Eternal Question

I want to thank everyone who responded the question about what to do about Kekionga #2. I really appreciate the feedback. Right now I am leaning toward two volumes, particularly if I can think of two really good coordinating covers. Great idea, that. I have a little while to think about it, as there are two more stories in the pipeline now.

Deeper is the question proposed by John. How does one deal with the eternal conflict between being the best damn cartoonist you can be, and being "good enough"- -good enough to declare the work finished, good enough to meet the deadline. I realize every cartoonist feels this pressure, but I think its especially strong for the small presser, who lives and works in such a state of existential freedom that it is almost a void.

I know I almost always err on the side of the endless quest for perfection, but I hardly ever feel good about it. I almost would take on a regular schedule, and a regular deadline, if it was imposed from outside and had a good financial kick built into it, as a welcome change from working in the void. But, for me at least, any attempt to impose it from inside is doomed to failure. I just can't chain myself to nothing more than an intellectual game.

Eternal question? You bet.

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