sharkipede (sharkipede) wrote,

KEKIONGA #2 question

OK, this one is for all those readers of my Kekionga stories out there. I will soon need to make a decision regarding the contents of KEKIONGA #2. The new versions of all the scripts are finished. There are three linked stories, which take place in succession on a single night. I was planning to do a large comic of perhaps 56 pages which would include all three stories.

In the new scripts, the first story is a little tighter, and the second and third stories work better as a pair than they did before. This seems to open up the possiblilty of doing two comics instead of one, each being perhaps 32 pp long, considering that titles, indicia, etc. would have to be repeated.

The advantage of doing two comics is that the first one would be out a lot sooner, perhaps in time for SPX.

The advantage of doing one would be much lower printing costs, and some of the parallel story structures I have so carefully developed will be much more evident.

Ideas? Discussion?

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