sharkipede (sharkipede) wrote,

i am Not Dead

Although I am suffering from at least sixteen potentially fatal diseases, including, but not limited to: Spring Fever, Novel-writing Warts, Easter Candy Addiction, File Cabinet Meltdown, Fear of Inking, and whatever disease it is that keeps you from being able to add up a long column of figures and come up with the same total every time even when you use a calculator.

I've been reluctant to write in the blog, at first due to total embarassment that my studio has turned into such a pigsty that I ***lost my Auto Show notes*** which were to constitute the next few entries, and then due to total embarassment that I let the thing go to long without updating. I am a bad, bad blogster.

But when it throws you, you get back upsy, right? So:
What I have been doing since the last time I posted.

1) Deciding to make a new TPB collection of my minicomics and stories. Deciding on a title, and picking out most of the contents.

2) Writing two new stories for the collection, plus a bunch of little one pagers and illos, and what I hope will be a rather smashing 3 page introduction to the cast and Kekionga itself.

3)Doing the art for the book cover, plus several of the one pagers.

4) Starting to finish the art for my Happy Buddha Bud minicomic, which has nothing to do with the new book, but which I hope to finish for the spring shows, since the new book will not be done till summer. And the hand silkscreen HBB covers are really nice and they've been done for ages, so I might as well finish the insides, right?

5) Working on the Dumb Novel, which continues to obsess me even after almost a year.

6) Hanging around with Mr. Shark, the dogs, and random pals who turn out for visits.

7) Watching HDTV on our little pilot setup.

8) Talking while working, using my new headset telephone.

So, hey: not dead. working hard. back soon!

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